Despite having a wealth of experience and skills that can be highly valued by employers, veterans often face challenges in getting their resumes noticed.

This was the case for a particular veteran whose resume was repeatedly rejected every time he applied for a job. He had listed his military roles and responsibilities in his resume but failed to make a connection between his experiences and the job requirements of the corporate sector. However, after receiving some guidance and making a simple tweak to his resume, he finally landed a converting interview call.

So, what was the tweak that made all the difference? 

We advised him to correlate his military roles and responsibilities with the targeted job requirements. Instead of just listing his experience, he was encouraged to explain how his skills could be transferred to a civilian work environment.

For example, instead of just stating that he was in charge of logistics of a military base, he was suggested to elaborate on how he managed inventory and coordinated transportation, which correlated with the required supply chain management skills. By making these connections, the veteran was able to demonstrate his value and expertise in a way that resonated with employers.

This story highlights the importance of not only listing your experience but also making connections between your military roles and responsibilities and the requirements of the corporate sector. Employers may not always recognize the value of military experience, especially if it is not presented in a way that is easily understood.

By taking the time to correlate your experience with the job requirements, you can make your resume stand out and increase your chances of getting hired. Also, seeking guidance and support during the job search process can be highly beneficial, especially for veterans who may be unfamiliar with the civilian workforce.

If you are a veteran looking for a job in the civilian sector, it is essential to make connections between your military experience and the requirements of the corporate job you are applying for. By doing so, you can demonstrate your value and expertise in a way that resonates with employers and increases your chances of getting hired. Don't hesitate to seek guidance and support during your job search, as it can make all the difference.